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Make A Statement With Billboards!

Even though our company specializes in Social Media and SEO we also understand the impact that digital billboards can have!  That is why we chose to create an exclusive partnership with CR SIGNS.  This allows us the opportunity to serve you on multiple levels.  Here is the BEST PART!  There is zero up charge to you! 

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Benefits of Billboard advertising

Visibility: When it comes to advertising, bigger is always better. As such, one of the best advantages of using billboards is that they come in a variety of eye-catching sizes to reach a large number of consumers.  Billboards also attract attention—especially on the highway, where there might not be much else to look at. Static billboards with eye-catching designs or digital options can be especially effective and attract new customers. 

Always On: Billboards, on the other hand, are always on—and what’s more, consumers don’t have the option of turning them off if they don’t like your ad. That means more impressions on your advertisement. In fact, studies show that 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving.  Even if a consumer looks away from your billboard after seeing it, they’ve most likely noted important information like the name of your company or information about the services you offer. Additional surveys have found that 26% of passersby noted a billboard’s phone number and 28% retained a website address listed on a billboard.

Location:  When it comes to successful billboard advertising, location is key. And one of the biggest advantages of using billboards is the options you have when it comes to placing your advertisement.  A well-placed billboard ad can potentially reach not only people in their cars, but also cyclists, pedestrians, and people who use public transportation. For instance, when selecting a billboard rental in Cedar Rapids/Dubuque, choosing a billboard along the highway vs. the downtown area might produce different results.

Digital Options: Don’t think that just because they’ve been around for a while there’s not a lot you can do with a billboard to make an impression. While traditional static billboards haven’t gone out of style, newer digital versions provide businesses with more options for compelling and effective advertising.  Digital billboards can be especially eye-catching to billboard viewers with attractive LED displays, playable videos, and other features that grab the attention of consumers. 

Our Digital Billboards are currently in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque!

Unleash the Power of Billboard Advertising in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa

Are you looking for an effective advertising solution to reach your target audience in Cedar Rapids or Dubuque, Iowa? Look no further than Inspired Connection Agency. As a premier advertising agency, we specialize in providing impactful billboard advertising services that leave a lasting impression on your audience and drive results.


Why Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising has stood the test of time as a highly effective means of reaching a wide audience and creating brand awareness. In today's fast-paced world, where digital distractions abound, billboards offer a tangible and captivating way to capture the attention of consumers. By strategically placing billboards in key locations throughout Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, we ensure that your message is seen by thousands of potential customers every day.


Traditional Billboards:

Our agency recognizes the enduring power of traditional billboards. These eye-catching structures dot the landscape, delivering your message to drivers, pedestrians, and commuters alike. With our expertise in location selection, we identify prime spots along major highways, busy city streets, and popular gathering areas to maximize the visibility and impact of your traditional billboards. The sheer size and visual appeal of these structures make them impossible to ignore, making them an ideal choice for building brand recognition and reaching a broad audience.


Digital Billboards:

At Inspired Connection Agency, we embrace the cutting-edge technology of digital billboards to take your advertising efforts to the next level. Digital billboards offer the flexibility to display dynamic and engaging content that captures attention and stands out from the static advertisements of traditional billboards. With their vibrant colors, high-resolution displays, and the ability to incorporate motion and interactive elements, digital billboards leave a lasting impression on viewers. Our team excels in creating captivating and visually stunning digital billboard designs that effectively convey your brand message and elicit a response from your target audience.


Cedar Rapids and Dubuque Expertise:

As a local advertising agency, we understand the unique characteristics of the Cedar Rapids and Dubuque markets. We know the local culture, demographics, and traffic patterns, enabling us to select the most strategic locations for your billboards. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the Cedar Rapids and Dubuque advertising landscapes, allowing us to tailor our billboard advertising strategies to best resonate with your local audience.


End-to-End Solutions:

Inspired Connection Agency is your partner throughout the entire billboard advertising journey. From the initial consultation to campaign management and optimization, we handle all aspects of your billboard advertising campaign, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our dedicated team oversees the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of your billboards, making necessary adjustments to maximize their impact and return on investment.


Measurable Results:

We believe in the power of data and analytics to measure the success of your billboard campaigns. Using advanced tracking tools, we provide comprehensive reports on the performance and effectiveness of your advertisements. These insights enable you to evaluate the impact of your advertising investment and make informed decisions about future campaigns.


Choose Inspired Connection Agency:

When it comes to billboard advertising in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Inspired Connection Agency is your trusted partner. Our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to delivering exceptional results set us apart in the industry. Whether you opt for traditional billboards or digital billboards, we have the experience and creativity to bring your brand to life and connect with your target audience.

Ready to make a powerful impact with billboard advertising? Contact Inspired Connection Agency today and let us help you unleash the potential of billboards in Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa. Together, we'll inspire connections and drive your business forward!

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