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What is scouting?

Engaging with the community is a vital part of any social media strategy.  Sadly, it also is the most time-consuming.  Looking for a way on building a loyal following? Then look for a way on developing an engagement strategy.  Here are a few steps in our success!

Current Followers

We encourage all clients and employees to follow us on social media.  We comment, like, and encourage those who are the best fit for the organization. 


Those who enroll in our Facebook ad package will get the benefits of finding their ideal client.  Once they start connecting with us then we start the social media relationship with them!

What we don't do

Actively search for customers' past content.  We only use relevant content found on the newsfeed to engage with clients.


We add those who are going to be a great fit to be potential customers through the use of hashtags or common interests.


We engage with the most sought-after influencers on the market to get your brand out on top.  We then get loyal customers to become brand ambassadors.


What if a potential client posts something that is vulgar or inappropriate? we disengage with them immediately and add them to the DNC list.

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