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The Full Story about

Story Telling

Have you ever heard the story of an underdog fighting all the odds to overcome?  We see these movies, TV shows, and books everywhere!  People spend millions on seeing those victories.  The real question is can you use the same platform to grow your business? The answer is YES!

Most businesses never get passed phase 1 in the storyboard.  The business was built on their blood, sweat, and tears but it was paid for by their customers. Create content that is centered on how customers are the savior.  One of the oldest slogans that represent this is  "Because of viewers like you."  So change it up. "We are in business today because of the strangers who became friends.  We couldn't have done it without you."


When you are sharing the story of your business, you are not the hero of the story.  Your customers are.  Most companies treat their customers like a supporting cast.  When you voice your brand in a storyboard format, you empower them. The next step, identify the customers' problems that you can solve.  Dive deep into anything you can offer. Save time, save money, less hassle, etc.

Phase 2

The next phase in our process is to create content that shows you as your customer's guide to solving their problems.  Giving them a clear plan and a call to action.  The next step is to let them know the potential issues upfront but end it all with a positive story. 

One of my favorite examples of phase 2 is in the movie, 'Wizard of Oz.  When Glinda instructs Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road.  She gives her very clear instructions, and tells her the potential hardships along the way but ends with the hope of the great and powerful Oz helping her. 

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