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How to Hide Your Address on Google My Business

Local contractors such as plumbers, landscapers, and locksmiths often need to hide their home address on Google My Business.

While it's crucial for local businesses to be found by address, not all business owners want their addresses visible online. If you operate in a specific service area without a storefront, you likely don't want your home address displayed publicly. This article will guide you on how to conceal your home address and define your service area on Google My Business.

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How to Hide My address on my Google My Business Listing

Connection client, we have already managed the claiming, verifying, and optimizing of your Google My Business page. This includes hiding your home address, if you don't have a storefront, and specifying your accurate service area. But if you're handling your business's listings and place pages independently, you can follow these steps to hide your address on Google My Business:

  1. Log into the Google account linked to your listing.

  2. Click on the "info" tab.

  3. In the address section, click the pencil icon to edit.

  4. Locate the “Clear address” option and click it to remove any information.

  5. Click "Apply."

  6. Go to your service area section and click on the pencil icon.

  7. Add zip codes or cities to define the areas you service, if not already present.

  8. Click "Apply" to save your changes.

That’s it! Your home address is now hidden, yet local consumers can still find your business in searches if you've correctly set your service area.

What Changes After Hiding Your Address on Google My Business?

Once your address is hidden, it won't be visible to the public. However, effective local search marketing will ensure your business remains discoverable in relevant local searches. Be aware that re-verifying your listing might be necessary after these changes, as outlined in Google's support documentation on this topic.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a key component of a comprehensive local search marketing strategy. For further assistance in enhancing your online presence, consult the following resources:

  • What is local search marketing?

  • How are businesses ranked in local searches?

  • Introduction to Citation Building

If you're uncertain about whether your business's address is hidden on Google My Business, or if you believe it should be, consult your marketing strategist at Inspired Connection to discuss your options.

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