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Why does small business need SEO

If you’re unsure about the importance of SEO, you’re not alone. Only 36% of small businesses actually have an SEO strategy. However, investing in search engine optimization can be worthwhile to help your business build trust, generate leads, and improve your return on investment. Plain and simple, SEO works. Here are four reasons to add SEO to your digital marketing strategy.

Become the expert in your industry in your area

Modern search engine algorithms are highly skilled at ranking the most relevant web pages for users based on the search terms they enter in a search engine. If your website has a high ranking, it conveys a sense of trustworthiness and credibility, even if shoppers haven’t heard of your brand before.

Leveraging SEO to make your brand rank highly on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) can help your audience view you as an authority in your field. As an industry leader, you can more easily persuade your website visitors to become leads or customers. Paired with a consistent brand marketing strategy, you can also boost customer loyalty and increase the value of your business name. Plus, with the right SEO techniques, you can rank above your competitors and earn a click (and a lead) before searchers even consider any other brand.

Increase website traffic

A large part of SEO involves improving where your website pages rank for target keywords. The higher you are, the more website traffic you’ll get since more than half of all website traffic comes straight from organic (unpaid) search results. In fact, the first organic result (a listing that shows up below paid ads) earns more than 28% of clicks on the average SERP. It’s safe to say that SEO is an effective way to boost your website traffic —particularly among your target audience.

Reach your target market

When consumers recognize a pain point in their lives, many start searching for a solution on platforms like Google or Bing. While they may not be committed to making a purchase quite yet, they want to know their options. With strategic SEO, your website can provide the answers to members of your target market—and present your product or service as a solution. This allows you to generate brand awareness early into the buyer’s journey.

Promote your business

SEO isn’t just effective, it’s also a free digital marketing tactic your business can easily put into action. Unlike search engine ads, search engine optimization is a practice that doesn’t require any monetary investment. As long as you have time to produce high-quality content for your potential customers, your web pages can start ranking higher, allowing you to land more leads without denting your budget.

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